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Privacy Plicy

  • The Personal information provided to us will only be used for the following purposes:
     - To respond to inquiries.
     - To dispatch for request of catalogues.
     - For guidance communication and news except for the above.
  • We will not disclose to a third party, without consent, information which has reference to personal information. But, for the cases of specialized inquiries or of having charged sale agencies, the contractor of our company may contact the individual with clarification for route of the personal information acquisition.
  • With regard to personal information, we accept disclosure requests from the individual who has given said information at any time.
    If there is an error concerning the personal information, we accept a request for correction or deletion of the said information. In case of a demanded disclosure correction or deletion, please contact us with e-mail to our person in charge for such personal information.

Reference: General Administration, OBARA Corp.
E-mail: adm@obara.co.jp

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